10 April 2014

Soalan interview Hospital Swasta 1-5

1.       Hospital acquired infection is preventable by
A.       Good hand hygiene
B.      Using a mask
C.      Using sterile gloves
D.      Isolation care

2.  A patient developed redness, tenderness and pain at intervenous cannulation site while on IV drip and iv antibiotic regime . the nurse in charge is responsible to
A.      To further observe the condition
B.      Stop the infusion, inform doctor , follow up and document the progress
C.      Stop the infusion and antibiotic and wait for Doctor’s round to inform the findings
D.      Inform Nurse Manager

3. What is the commonest type of infection found in patient with Central Venous Catheter (CVC)                                
A.      Pneumonia
B.      Meningitis
C.      Blood stream infection
D.      Phlebitis

5.  Antagonist for narcotics ( opiods)
A.      Atropine
B.      Anexate ( Flumazenil)
C.      Hydrocortisone
D.      Naloxone ( Narcan)

4.   Identify the above rhytm
A.      Ventricular fibrillation
B.      Ventricular tachycardia
C.      Arterial fibrillation

D.      Asystole

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